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samedi 17 janvier 2009

200 Mujahideens fail to leave for Palestine via Batam

Pour info, l'île de Batam, dont il est question est voisine de la mienne...

Batam,  (ANTARA News) - The dispatch of 200 mujahideens to Palestine by way of Batam-Johor-Kuala Lumpur on January 12-15, had been temporarily postponed.
M Ali, owner of an Islamic boarding school in Batam which was to serve as a place for the mujahideens to call, said in Jakarta Sunday night the temporary postponement was decided in a meeting of the mujahideens and Moslem sholar Abu Bakar Ba`asyir in Jakarta on Sunday at 4 p.m.
Ali who is also an advisor of the mujahideens said their departure via Batam, Johor and Kuala Lumpur could still not be done because the Malaysian government may not give a permission.
Instead, some 1,000 mujahideens will be staging a demonstration in front of the Egyption, Syrian, American, and British embassies and in front of the United Nations offices in Jakarta on Tuesday (Jan 13).
"We will ask the Egyption and Syrian embassies to open the way for the mujahideens and help our neighbors which are now being attacked by Israel," he said.
He said that it was also decided to entrust 220 thousand US dollars to an Indonesian five-member medical humanitarian team which on Monday (Jan 12) will be leaving Jakarta for Gaza by Egypt Air via Bangkok, Thailand.
The money was originally meant for the dispatch of the mujahideens to the Gaza Strip via Batam, Malaysian Peninsula, and Egypt.
Some 150 of the mujahideens came from Serang, Banten, East Java, and Central Java, and the rest from Lampung and West Sumatra.

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